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A tradition : innovation

Free and free-thinking.

Free. We are free to be enterprising, to innovate, to dare, to explore, to dream.

This freedom is our heritage. Our DNA. Independent and audacious, we have founded and shaped the Pilote group around an innovative and exciting idea: To free your holidays. To free your travel. To free your adventurous spirit.
Always doing more for our customers, we have worked tirelessly to invent and reinvent recreational vehicles.
Within the group, service, quality and innovation are a proud tradition. These values are our driving force. They are embodied in our employees and guide their actions,
Driven by our strong spirit of teamwork and sharing. By our common energy. We work to design vehicles which are ahead of the curve when it comes to tomorrow’s trends. We work to bring the recreational vehicle within everyone’s reach. We work to bring magic to everyone’s lives. And to ensure that our products are the source of dreams, happiness and great comfort. So that, at the steering-wheel of our vehicles, our spirit of conquest becomes contagious. The irrepressible desire to explore unknown lands. New territories. Off the beaten path. To set off in search of what really matters: freedom.